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The Eastern Iowa Baking Co. started in 2008 as The Bakery of Davenport from a home kitchen and a farmer's market booth with the idea that good baking shouldn't be hard to find and that the best baking comes from close to home.

The early days were a flurry of crazed production every Friday night to be ready for the market on Saturday morning. From there, the company grew by expanding into other farmer's markets, and eventually in 2011, opened a small production kitchen in Davenport's Gold Coast neighborhood. A few ups and down later and 2014 found us without a kitchen and in need of new space to grow. Despite some rough times, 2014 became our best year yet as we re-invented how we do baked goods. 


With our new home in Eldridge Iowa, things took a new stride as we became The Eastern Iowa Baking Co. and we're as excited as can be to see what the future holds.


The Eastern Iowa Baking Co. still holds to that original idea, no matter how many changes happen over the years. We're still about the idea that good baking shouldn't be hard to find, and that both we and our products should be as much a part of the community around us as we can be. 


The Eastern Iowa Baking Co. is a small, tight-knit family. Our owner is all about family and friends.

As a group, we're about good food, good works and doing our part for the community around us. Each member of the company brings their own skill to the table, and we hope it shows; from the muffins on the counter, to the table you sit at, our goal is to make everything we do a unique experience. That's why we go out of our way to produce everything we can in-house, or with the help of local friends and that's why we donate all our tips each month to a local charity. Our hope is to make the world a better place around us, by doing what we do best.

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